Nucor Corporation Facility Consent Decree – Jewett, TX

TWE executed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Consent Decree to address releases of heavy-metal and hydrocarbon based Hazardous Waste in various locations. Key tasks included:

  1. The development of Affected Property Assessment Reports (APARs) for areas affected by Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) dust, transformer fluids, crude oil sludge pits, diesel fuel releases, and EAF dust bag-house filters
  2. Execution of Response Action Plans (RAPs) to remediate Affected Properties
  3. Issued Response Action Completion Reports (RACRs) to document closure
  4. Developed Integrated Contingency Plan that included emergency response plans, storm water management plans, and spill response plans
  5. Storm water flow mapping
  6. Conducted third party contractor quality assurance monitoring of the Correction
  7. Action Management Unit cap and annual CAMU cap engineering inspection