GB Biosciences Greens Bayou Sediment Remediation Project, Houston, TX

TWE conducted third party contractor quality assurance monitoring for dredging and placement of sediments contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons, including PCBs and pesticides. Key tasks included:

  1. Around the clock, onboard surveillance of dredging contractor’s activities
  2. Contaminated dredge spoils disposal cell effluent sampling and testing
  3. Daily inspections of disposal cell liner and dredge spoils pipeline
  4. Post dredge sediment sampling and analytical testing
  5. Backfill sand thickness measurements
  6. Coordination of client, contractor, and Port of Houston Authority communications
  7. Surveying of dredge prisms and calculation of dredge volumes
  8. Evaluation of laboratory methodologies between client and Port Authority labs for determination of total suspended solids in disposal cell effluent