A.D. Players

The A.D. Players, a Houston-based Christian theater company, expect to open the Jeannette & L.M.
George Theater at 5420 Westheimer Road in February. The nearly 35,000 sq. ft. theater cost around $18 million to build, dwarfing its previous theater inside the Loop. Tolunay-Wong Engineers, Inc. (TWE) is proud to have been a part of the newly constructed A.D. Players Theater Complex in Houston, Texas. This new construction consisted of a two story, 32,760 sq. ft. performing arts venue with an eight foot orchestra pit and 80 foot high fly loft rising above the stage, along with an attached four story, 128,000 sq. ft. “open” parking garage. TWE provided geotechnical studies and construction materials testing services which included observing proof roll operations on subgrade; field density/moisture testing on backfill, fill and stabilized subgrade; foundation installation observation on drilled piers; monitoring and testing of concrete materials; structural steel inspection of welded and bolted connections; and related laboratory testing. Please read more about this project and the history of the A.D. Players here.