Due to continuing demand for liquid natural gas around the world and the massive abundance of natural gas in the United States, Freeport LNG is now planning to add a fourth natural gas liquefaction unit to the three trains already under construction. This expansion will allow for the export of an additional five million tons of LNG per year, increasing the total export capability of all four trains to no more than 20 million tons of LNG per year.
Like Trains 1, 2, and 3, Train 4 will utilize all-electric motors, resulting in negligible incremental emissions. The fourth liquefaction train will be constructed adjacent to the first three trains on Quintana Island, with only minimal modifications to the existing authorized facilities on the island being necessary to accommodate the fourth train. Subject to regulatory approvals, construction of Train 4 is expected to begin in 2017, with the new facilities scheduled to become operational in 2021.
TWE is proud to be a part of the Freeport LNG project team, where our Freeport office is providing concrete, soils, grout, and other construction materials monitoring and testing services for CZJV for the construction of Trains 1, 2, 3 as well as support facilities. Our team of 8–10 field technicians, administrators, and management support have worked with CZJV since November 2014 to ensure the highest quality of materials are used to construct this state-of-the-art facility. We are looking forward to continuing this service through the construction of Train 4.

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