Exploring and evaluating subsurface conditions to provide foundation and site development recommendations for your next construction project.

Tolunay-Wong Engineers evaluates subsurface conditions to formulate foundation and site development recommendations for planned construction, as well as forensic studies, through engineering, subsurface exploration, and laboratory testing. TWE is recognized leader in the fields of geotechnical engineering and testing services.  Our geotechnical engineers and technicians have saved customers millions of dollars with our problem-solving abilities.  Construction projects have used our geotechnical expertise in program development, site reconnaissance, field exploration, field and laboratory testing, geotechnical evaluation, construction quality control, and testing.

  • Soil Borings and Cone Penetrometer Tests (CPT)
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Slope Stability and Slope Remediation
  • Marine and Dock Structures
  • Erosion and Groundwater Control
  • Groundwater Improvement
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations
  • Geological Fault Hazards
  • Levee/Embankment Design and Evaluation
  • Earth Structures and Retention Systems
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Soil Dynamic Properties
  • Soil Liquefaction
  • Geophysical Services (GPR, EM)
  • Forensic Studies


TWE possesses a wide array of engineering applications to conduct near-surface geophysical explorations, such as locating underground voids, utilities, tanks, piping, potential hazards, geologic features, and anomalies, to enhance your construction projects.

  • Underground Utility Exploration
  • Geological Fault Investigations
  • Earth Resistivity Surveys
  • Rock Explorations
  • Underground Storage Tank Investigations
  • In-Situ Soil Dynamic Properties
  • Marine Geophysical Surveys
  • Electromagnetic Explorations
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Downhole Logging Services
  • Seismic Testing


Al Zour Refinery – Kuwait

TWE was retained by the joint venture FDHJV, comprised of Fluor Ltd., Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd., and Hyundai Heavy Industries to provide geotechnical engineering services for the Al Zour Refinery (ZOR) in Kuwait.  ZOR is located approximately 80 km south- southeast of Kuwait City and when completed, will cover 16 sq. km and will have a total refining capacity of 615,000 bpd.

TWE’s scope of services included reviewing previous geotechnical studies performed by others and providing field observations during supplemental geotechnical studies including test borings,   downhole seismic surveys, cone penetration testing, test pits, and field electrical resistivity surveys.  We also reviewed laboratory testing performed by the Kuwaiti geotechnical subcontractor, INCO Laboratories.   Our team also conducted energy calibrations for the equipment used to perform SPT.

Belfiore High Rise Condominium – Houston, TX. Inter-Pier, LLC

This project included the construction of a new 26-story condominium tower. TWE performed geotechnical engineering services including field exploration, laboratory testing, and a report documenting our findings and providing geotechnical design and construction recommendations.

Sabine Pass LNG Cameron Parish, Louisiana (Approximately $1.2B)

TWE performed Geotechnical, Instrumentation, and Materials Testing services for this LNG receiving terminal. The project included the construction of a berth/marine terminal, two degasification units, impoundment basins, office and control room facilities, and five (5) LNG Tanks.

Grand Parkway Segment D Proposed Three Overpass Bridges

TWE performed Geotechnical services for the proposed construction of three overpass bridge structures and associated mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls, light poles and unmanned toll booth structures.